This stuff is amazing!!!! lafjdsljf!!! I had such an intricate design yet nothing ripped and everything ironed on well! NO EDGES LEAKED! This was glorious ;w;

If anyone wants a tutorial on how I did the design on the back of a Desmond Miles jacket here it is according to the pictures:

Materials needed: copy of what you’re gonna trace, freezer paper, exacto knife, tape, self-healing cutting mat/newsprint/cardboard (whatever you want as a cutting surface and material so your paint doesn’t go through the other side ), iron, paint brush, fabric paint.

note: my paint says its recommended that you wash (with no fabric softener) and to iron your fabric before so you have good sizing (aka your design won’t shrink) and a clean smooth surface.

1. Print out your stencil. Tape your pattern onto your cutting surface. Tape your freezer paper over it SHINY SIDE down. You’ll be drawing on the matte side. (it’s very obvious when you feel and look at it which is the shiny side. You should also be able to see through the freezer paper, it’s thin enough. If not tape to a window/light source to trace and move it back to your cutting board to cut). Make sure to leave LOTS of room around the sides of your whole pattern so you have room to paint over.

2. Time for the pain staking task of cutting out your stencil. I was sooo fortunatepfttt to have such a crazy design :( But even then it only took about 30-45 minutes to cut out. All you need is a steady hand and patience. For curves rotate your pattern, I find that easier than moving your hand/wrist (aka that hurts)

3. Iron on your stencil. Don’t worry about pieces going on in not the right places. It happened to me cause I had lots of thin pieces. Just put the iron on low and tap it down to get things flat and then unpeel carefully if things aren’t in the right place and iron back down. When everything is in the right place, center, aligned, etc. reallyyyy iron that stencil down. You don’t want any bumps or edges not fully ironed on or you’ll regret it later. (also this stuff sticks pretty well and over and over again. I was being really picky and wanted it to be really straight and centered so I unpeeled my pattern like 5 times til I was satisfied :x)

4. Put cardboard/foamboard/wax paper under your fabric just incase the paint goes through, you don’t want it going onto something else! Start painting!! I used a paint brush and my fabric paint of choice was Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Metallics Platinum. I put a bunch of random fabrics around the sides just in case paint dripped or flung or some other bad mishap :P

5.  For myself I waited 2 hours to unpeel my stencil. (I also had the fan going in my room pointed at it, so maybe that helped) I just pulled it off slowly, but you can rip your stencil off if you want now since you don’t need it anymore. My paint says to wait 4 hours, so now I’m going to leave it to dry for 2 more hours and after 72 hours it says I can wash it. I assume this paint doesn’t need to be heat/iron set since it doesn’t say so anywhere, so I won’t do that.

Now you know the magic of freezer paper :DDDD gosh I just wanna paint a bunch of things now!

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